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I just started making some references for myself, but got carried away hahah… ha :’D

I figured I’d share. I’m hoping to make a series of these things for all the drawing bits that give me trouble: woman torsos, hands, wings, different body types, etc.

I hope you also find them useful!


Another round of torsos~ I tried to give this set a bit more variety in body type? Not an easy task, I suppose I still have a lot to learn.

If you enjoy em, please use the idea to help you study. It helped me better understand anatomy while making these. Maybe you can learn from what I’ve studied.

Also, any suggests on another reference sheet? Hands? Hats? Wings? I’ll do my best!

Male torso reference here.

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This Vine gives me life.

This will never not be my favorite vine of all time.
Also, hire these two to play a full version at my funeral.

this is me 

my new ringtone

I need a full version

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Leo Needs Bowel Surgery


I’ve created a fundraiser for my cat, Leo. He is having bowel surgery tomorrow to repair his rectum, which was damaged by an abscess he got as a result of a cat bite. He has a hole in his rectum.

The vet doesn’t know if she can repair it. If she can’t, he needs to see a specialist. I am only asking for donations for the initial vet bill, whether or not the surgery is successful.

The initial estimate was $400, but because he needs surgery, it went up to $1,300. He’s only a year and a half old. I want him to get better.

I am disabled and I’ve been getting SSDI for a long time. It’s not enough to live off of. If I could afford the whole bill, then I wouldn’t be asking for help. I am also 12 weeks pregnant and I have no idea how my illnesses are going to affect my pregnancy.

Please signal boost/reblog, and spread the word. And to anyone who donates, thank you so much. Every dollar counts.